YouTube, DAZN and the UEFA: A New Chapter for Visibility and Representation in Women’s Football

Breaking: The UEFA, sports streaming powerhouse DAZN and YouTube have teamed up to bring Women’s Football to fans all over the globe!

Via DAZN / UEFA / YouTube

Hey football fans! You know we’re all about women’s representation here at Girls Are Awesome, and today we’re super excited to tell you about a first-of-its-kind deal between the UEFA (Union of European Football Associations), streaming sports network DAZN and their partners at YouTube, which will bring women’s football to a global audience like never before!

A few weeks ago, we brought you an exclusive interview with Chelsea FC stars Pernille Harder and Magdalena Eriksson, partners on and off the pitch who are as passionate about empowering future athletes as they are about the game itself. And now, because of this partnership, fans from all over the world will get to cheer for Pernille and Magdalena just by clicking over to DAZN’s YouTube channel!

UEFA have chosen DAZN as their global provider of Women’s Champions League for four seasons. It is an important and groundbreaking deal which means that women’s football will now be treated on the same journalistic level as the men’s Champions League. DAZN goes all-in with studio hosts, studio interviews and analyses, documentaries about the stars and much more.

The deal between UEFA, DAZN and YouTube is not only about the TV-rights, but also about a long-term vision on taking women’s football to the next level. See for yourself in their campaign video here:

Directed by multi-award winner Alyssa Boni and voiced over by UK rapper FLOHIO, the short film powerfully conveys in just under two minutes DAZN’s long-term vision of the unstoppable impact more visibility will have on taking the women’s competition to new heights. Specifically, it brings to life the incredible ripple effect that more eyes will undoubtedly have on the game.

At a time when professional women’s sport continues to fight for more exposure, this new partnership brings visibility like never before to players, Clubs, and the elite competition itself by making matches all season long available to fans all over the globe.

It will be free to stream the first two seasons (2021-23), which means all 61 matches in the group games and finals. It can be watched live on-demand on DAZN and free on DAZN’s YouTube channel. In the last two seasons (2023-25), all 61 games will be shown live on DAZN, while 19 matches will be available for free on DAZN’s YouTube channel.

The agreement is one of the largest broadcast deals in women’s club football history and signifies another game-changing move in DAZN’s long-time global
commitment to women’s sport, centered on the mission of growing the UEFA Women’s Champions League, turning more players and teams into household names, and inspiring the next generation of players – all of which starts with more people around the world watching the game.

Via DAZN / UEFA / YouTube

Nadine Kessler, Chief of Women’s Football for the UEFA says: “This deal is a first for women’s football as this partnership between UEFA and DAZN and YouTube will make sure that the UEFA Women’s Champions League can be seen by the fans, by all the people who love this game, wherever they are on the globe. Such visibility changes everything, as the best female players and best women’s teams in the world can inspire more young girls and boys to fall in love with this sport. Together we are all bringing women’s football to the world and everyone who will tune in will truly make a difference to something bigger.”

And Ada Hegerberg, all-time highest scorer in UEFA Women’s Champions League and Olympique Lyonnais Star says: “I am beyond excited for this partnership. For years, people have struggled to have access to our games, wherever they were living. Now, they have the unique opportunity to watch all over the world if they’d like to. The game is opening up to millions, potentially billions, which is unprecedented. This is a game-changing partnership that is only right for the biggest club competition in women’s football.

We are finally being given something we’ve asked for a long time. It’s about time women’s football got this kind of exposure!

To learn more, DAZN, YouTube, and UEFA invite all media and fans to become an early subscriber to DAZN’s brand new, dedicated UEFA Women’s Champions League YouTube channel – launched today and where all matches and content will live – and tune in to a special global announcement event featuring all the individuals listed above and more, discussing the deal and what it means for the competition and women’s football overall. It all begins shortly at 9:30 a.m. EST / 2:30 p.m. BST / 3:30 p.m. CET / 10:30 p.m. JST! See you on the pitch!


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