You Heard It Here: Vikunia has something up her sleeve…

The German illustrator stole our heart with her vibrant, cheeky graphics, and we couldn’t let her go without a collab.

art | Berlin | vikunia
Photo: Bartholomäus Zientek

Berlin-based illustrator Viktoria Cichoń aka Vikunia has something up here sleeve these days, and we might know something about it…

“I create funny but relatable illustrations. As a woman, I experience a lot of obstacles – so I focus on feminism as well. I’m trying to incorporate a more intersectional approach because I’m still very privileged as a white, cis woman in Germany.

I like to be as open as I comfortably can. I hope this helps people to relate, and feel less alone with their struggles. And I also want to remind folks to have fun, because sometimes I forget too.”

She and her crew in the Boys’ Club want to be seen as designers, and not female designers

It’s a coincidence that we’re all women, but we thought it would be funny to make our own boys’ club since the design community has been pretty male-dominated up until recently.

People think we have a more radical feminist approach than we actually do; it’s not that we only focus on female design; we wanted a space that is inclusive for everybody and wants to be seen as designers and not female designers. We are super happy we got to host events that work towards more inclusivity, like the launch of the book project Not A Muse.”

We’ve teamed up with Vikunia for an awesome collab, in the form of a T-shirt dropping on Sunday, October 11 at 8pm CEST, and it has a reminder for all of us: “Work hard – Chill Harder”. Here’s a little taste…

art | Berlin | vikunia

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