Yeah Girl: Zorah Olivia Captures the Adrenaline, Pain and Grace of Being a Skater

Read up on the California-based skate photographer before seeing her work at our ‘Yeah Girl’ exhibition in Copenhagen.

California-based Zorah Olivia has photography running through her veins. Raised in Baltimore, Maryland in a family of photographers and artists, she got her first skateboard when she was ten and first shot professional skaters at sixteen. Since then, Zorah’s continued with skate photography but also branched out to shoot concerts and candid portraits of diverse characters. In addition, she’s racked up a pretty decent portfolio: through Mahfia productions, the leading global company for women’s action sports culture, Zorah has done assignments for ESPN, Vans US Open Tour and Boarding for Breast Cancer among many other highly renowned sports events.

Besides the sports documentary jobs, Zorah has also worked on art installations using analogue images, exploring the rough expression that the medium encapsulates.

Zorah’s exhibiting as part of Yeah Girl 2017 at Copenhagen’s VESS in July—our joint exhibition with Australia’s Yeah Girl featuring eight photographers from around the world. Keep track here or on Facebook to see who else will be exhibiting at the show.


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