Yeah Girl: Sonia Ziegler’s Adrenaline-Charged and Gritty Photography

The Danish photographer captures what makes people tick—whether they’re die-hard skaters or meditating women.

From people to nature, from editorial covers to photojournalism, Sonia Ziegler just loves taking pictures. Most often, she combines her love for photography with her inner travel bug: to this day, Sonia has visited thirty countries where she’s shot portraits, skaters, musicians and a bunch of other stuff.

The Danish photographer has only been skating for six years, but she’s already cultivated a distinct style and knack for capturing what makes skaters tick. Still fresh to the skate photography scene, she’s most prominently documented last year’s Copenhagen Open as well as the Girl Skate India Tour.

Just before this year’s Copenhagen Open, Yeah Girl and Girls Are Awesome are exhibiting her photography alongside seven other skate photographers at VESS (which is conveniently located in the neighborhood where Sonia was brought up.

Keep track here or on Facebook to see who else will be exhibiting at the show.


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