Yeah Girl: Norma Ibarra Is Capturing and Supporting Humanity

This Mexican-Canadian photographer will grab your attention and your heart with her unparalleled eye for people and culture.

Introducing yet another awesome instillation fresh from the Yeah Girl exhibition, meet Norma Ibarra. Homegirl Norma Ibarra is a Mexican-Canadian photographer who sojourned from her beautiful birthplace in the Sonoran region of Mexico to pursue her passion from British Columbia, Canada to the world.

This rad lady has carved out a space for herself in creative media utilizing her skill with photography, her education with visual arts and digital communication and most of all her love for adventure to forward her singular goals. She manages and implements social media programs and campaigns for BC Bike Race, Mountain Biking BC, Destination BC, and Hootsuite while also volunteering with non-profit organizations such as the North Shore Mountain Bike Association, Chill Foundation and the Vancouver Skateboard Coalition. Her hands-on passion for humanity and capturing the real lives and energies of the people she meets all around the world is evident in every photo she takes.

Norma Ibarra has photographed skateboarders across the globe, from her most recent hood in British Columbia to her beautiful hometown in Mexico, to San Francisco, Cuba or even villages in India on the Girl Skate India tour. Meanwhile she is pushing the skate scene in her home country of Mexico and in Cuba where she has donated boards to local kids and hosted skate sessions for girls. Basically, she’s killin’ it.

Catch more realness from this beauty on her website.


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