Yeah Girl: Nayat Cheikh Zooms in on Skating From a Twin’s Point of View

Read up on this Western Saharan skate talent before we see her work at the Yeah Girl photography exhibit in Copenhagen this week.

Nayat Cheikh’s life sounds a bit like the stuff of novels. Her birth in a refugee camp in Tindouf, Algeria. Her family’s escape to Spain. Her skateboarding and skate photography career rising in Barcelona, and expanding out to the rest of the world. Let’s start with the chapter about the latter: Skateboarding and skate photography.

Nayat mainly shoots pictures of her twin sister Sara, who is also Nayat’s skating partner in crime. The two of them are gradually becoming a well known staple of the skate ground in front of MACBA in Barcelona.

Nayat’s stunning portraits of her sister are gathered on the Instagram account, Sarabynay. Go have a sneak peak right here or there before coming out to Yeah Girl CPH 2017 at VESS in Copenhagen, a photography exhibition arranged by Australian Yeah Girl and Girls Are Awesome. See you this Friday! 


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