Yeah Girl: Lose Yourself in Alana Paterson’s Misty, West Coast World of Lifestyle and Skate Photography

Eight girls, seven nationalities, and one Australian skate aficionado collecting it all in one photo exhibition. Here’s out last introduction to Yeah Girl CPH, featuring Vancouver-based Alana Paterson.

Alana Paterson | editorial | lifestyle

Vancouver-based Alana Paterson primarily sees herself as a lifestyle and editorial photographer, but her passion for and past in skateboarding still make her gravitate towards shooting tricks, jumps, rides and styles on the boards.

Alana’s portfolio is brimming with photographs of renowned West Coast artists, editorials for massive brands like luluemon and personal analogue series which capture the rainy, vast spirit of Vancouver and its surroundings. However, her commercial deals also include many names from the skate community like HUF and Brixton, the latter of which started with the Copenhagen-based brand Norse which Alana worked for while living in Denmark for some time.

Alana has a long list of projects, where the images tell the stories and the subtle lighting and set-up add a touch of aesthetics. Overall, her work carries a moody yet sincere undertone. Every picture reminds me of a moment from Twin Peaks, just before something super important or shocking happens in the plot. Maybe it’s because of the Canadian woods and mist that continuously appears in the shots, or maybe it’s her affinity for natural lighting. Whatever it is, the end result is photography that isn’t too polished but is still damn beautiful to look at. 

You can explore Alana’s work alongside the photographs of  seven other photographers exhibiting at VESS in Copenhagen as part of Yeah Girl CPH 2017 – an exhibition presented by Girls Are Awesome in collaboration with Australian Yeah Girl. Join us for a beer or two when we celebrate the show opening Friday from 4 PM.


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