Yeah Girl: Linnea Bullion Captures Ordinary Moments and Makes Them Spectacular

Straight out of Los Angeles, skate photographer Linnea Bullion plays with photography in her own way.

Quirky. Playful. Talented. Linnea Bullion can change her photographic expression as if it’s no big deal, depending on whatever subject she’s shooting. She can travel around the United States as a documentary photographer, or dress up to look like hilarious stereotypes we all know of and take the idea of the selfie to a whole other level. This photographer can make ridiculousness beautiful, and vice versa.

Linnea Bullion was thirteen years old when she first used a digital camera, and she hasn’t stopped since. Until recently, she didn’t see herself as an artist; she merely captures moments so she will remember them, as she explained to The Photo Frontier.

Photographing people and subcultures like skateboarding communities is also a passion for Linnea. So naturally, she is part of our collaboration with Australian Yeah Girl to throw a photo show at the Copenhagen-based gallery, VESS, in July. Check it out here where we also introduce our seven other exhibiting skate photographers.


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