Yeah Girl: Jocelyn Tam Proves That Against All Odds, Fashion and Skate CAN Work Together

On Friday, we’re launching a skate photography exhibition featuring work by photographers like Ms. Tam—a fashion, skate and commercial photographer documenting skate through a lighter lens.

Jocelyn Tam was born and raised in Hong Kong, but has lived in both Australia and England since. You can’t really call her exclusively a skate photographer because she shoots, well, everything! She has a long list of commercial campaigns, fashion shows with highly renowned brands and portrait projects in her portfolio. However, her side passion project is devoted to skate culture: Skate Create Unknown documents the skate life she encounters everyday, complete with chill moments between buds, skate surroundings and action shots. 

Her background with commercial and fashion shoots shines through in her skate photography: her work is characterized by a light, clean expression—as if it wouldn’t at all be out of place in the middle of a campaign for a lifestyle brand or a small fashion boutique.

We can’t wait to see what she’ll exhibit at VESS on Friday, when we present the Yeah Girl CPH 2017 photography exhibition with Australian Yeah Girl. See you there! 


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