Yeah Girl: Jenna Selby Turned Her Lens Towards Female Skaters Way Before It Was Cool

Since the 90s, the UK-based photographer and videographer has been on a mission to make the world pay more attention to female skaters.

Skater, videographer and photographer Jenna Selby has a special place in her heart for female riders. She has become one of the UK’s most influential women in skateboarding after founding Rogue Skateboards and producing two, all-female skater films. Her career began when she realized that almost nobody was bothering to cover rad, female skaters. To alleviate this, she turned to film: in 2009, she made her first skate film called “As If, And What?” about female riders. It was the first European film to feature only female skaters, and the third film ever made about female riders anywhere in the world.

Jenna has been a part of the skate community for years as a skater herself. She started skating in the late 90s, as she explains to Girl Skate UK; later on, she actually won the UK’s first all female skate competition. 

Jenna Selby took up photography in 1998, and is now photographing almost everything. To get you geared up for the upcoming photo show at VESS in Copenhagen in July with Yeah Girl, we’ll dig in to her work during her 17 years as a skate photographer. At the photo show, Yeah Girl CPH 17, Jenna’s work will be exhibited among work by seven other female skate photographers.

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