Women Unite Song Camp: Changing the Music Industry One Topline at a Time

Over 5 days, female artists, producers and songwriters team up with music industry experts and thought leaders online to discuss gender inequality – and write pop songs.

women unite
Sophie Simmons (US) Song Camp Topliner at Women Unite Song Camp

So, what’s new in equality in the recording studios? Well, the last time we checked, it’s still not looking good.

Only 12.5% of the songwriters behind 800 popular songs from 2012-2019 examined in a recent report by Annenberg Inclusion Initiative were women. If we take a closer look at the top female songwriter (Onika Maraj aka the amazing Nicki Minaj), she has 19 credits compared to her male counterpart Martin Sandberg – better known as Max Martin – who’s at 43 credits. Hungry for more numbers? We’ll feed you. Less than 1% of the 800 songs examined was written solely by female writers while 56% of the songs had no female writer at all. In production it’s even worse. Here, the ratio of male to female producers across 500 popular songs was 37 to 1, leaving the overall percentage of female producers at 2.6%.

This is really not great reading, but the good news is: Some people are actually trying to do something about it and right now women are gathered virtually in the Women Unite Song Camp that kicked off March 1st and runs until March 5th. Here, female songwriters, producers, artists and industry leaders in the U.S. and Nordics are connecting with thought leaders to inspire music that matters.

Taking place during Women’s History Month (which should be every month, right?) NordicLA is hosting the song camp to shine light on the historically pressing female relevant issues that are clearly still very present today.

“We at NordicLA feel that contributing our support toward a balanced music industry where every gender, race and nationality have the opportunity to thrive is essential for the evolution of art and
culture. Our hope for the Women Unite song camp is to empower women talent and thought leaders that we strongly feel need to be heard,” says Kristian Riis, CEO & Founder of NordicLA.

The camp is being executed through NordicLAs virtual format and includes three talks with thought leaders who’re sharing their inspirational, hard, thought provoking and sometimes heart wrenching stories in hopes that the talented team can channel those energies into meaningful pop songs.

“One of the most significant ways we can transform our world is by bringing women together. This camp is an incredible way creating community among women from different backgrounds and careers which will catalyze positive change in the world.”
– Marie Berry, Ass. Professor – University of Denver –

NordicLA is a Copenhagen and Los Angeles based company that works with cross-functional collaborations and events to bridge the gap between Nordic and US creative industries. Women Unite is part of the Global Impact Project; a 4 part, virtual song camp series, pairing top creative talent from Los Angeles and the Nordics with impact-focused thought leaders around the globe, to create music that matters.

Women Unite Song Camp is presented by NordicLA and No Girl Left Behind.


Michele Delamore (Artist, Founder of No Girl Left Behind, American Idol finalist…)
Guest Moderator – Marie Berry – Woman Unite – Impact discussions


Marie Berry – PhD Candidate at Yale and author of Women and the War on Boko Haram
Farida Nabourema – Activist and US Institute of Peace Senior Research Fellow
Hilary Matfess – PhD Candidate at Yale and author of Women and the War on Boko Haram
Maria Wye Berry – Producer of Spycraft, Ancient Aliens, Killing Pablo…



Nikka Costa (artist)
Shelly Peiken (Songwriter – Bitch- Meredith Brooks, What a Girl Wants – Christina Aguilera)
Eva Gardner(Artist, bassist – Pink, Cher, Gwen Stefani, Veruca Salt, Mars Volta…)
Sophie Simmons
KTJ and Carly
Letters from Pluto
Tammy infusino
Kristín Sesselja
Ragnhildur Veigarsdóttir
Silja Rós


Kristín Sesselja
Ragnhildur Veigarsdóttir
Silja Rós


Julie Aagaard (a.k.a. Kill J)
Anna Bentholm (A.k.a. Anna Bell)
Ditte Bissenbacker (artist name Magly)



DPA (Danish Producers Association)
Finish Music Creators (FMC)
Musik Forelæggerne (Ole Dreyer)
Nordisk KulturFond


She Said So
Girls Are Awesome
Hollywood Music in Media Awards
Production Music Association
Gabi Kochlani – A&R Universal
Soundcloud / Soundcloud Radio

Presented in collaboration with Nordic Culture Fund, DPA, FMC, STEF, Musikforlæggerne and Smashhaus.

For updates from the song camp, check out NordicLA’s Instagram here.


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