Wild Ones’ “Paresthesia” is Happiness in Three Minutes

Despite the heaviness of the subject matter, the song soars as victoriously as a rogue batch of balloons on a sunny day.

Portland-based Wild Ones is back again with a fiery little number about facing your fears. They received general praise with the release of the vaguely psychedelic and fully charming album Keep It Safe in 2014 and have now announced their next album Mirror Touch, expected out on October 6th via Topshelf Records. This tester track preceding the long-awaited EP is full of all the happy, hip vibes you need for summer barbecues or laying out in the sun on a Sunday.

In signature Portland style, the song exudes a quirky kindness from the first note. The message of the song, voiced by Danielle Sullivan, is just as uplifting. As Sullivan told indie music blog Gold Flake Paint last week, “Paresthesia refers to a time in my life when anxiety was ruling my mind. I was withdrawing from friends, wasn’t leaving my house, and had stopped engaging with the world outside. The song explores strained love in the context of manifested fear.”

Via babevibes.com

Still, Danielle Sullivan declares herself solidly in favor of focusing on the positives and moving forward in the face of fear. Despite the heaviness and struggle in the subject matter, the song soars as gently and victoriously as a rogue batch of colorful helium balloons on a sunny day. Airy synths and a happy rhythm propel the upbeat melody forward while Sullivan’s unique vocals add an interesting flair to an already compelling storyline. If the rest of the album contains as much versatility and energy as this song, it’s safe to say Mirror Touch is going to be a resounding win.


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