Welcome to the Punchy, Electronic World of NÄM

Meet the duo from Austin, Texas with ALL of the vibes.

Wrap yourself up in the latest mysterious masterpiece from the Austin-based electronic duo, NÄM. Featuring production and instrumentation from Sam Simmons and glorious vocals from Nora Luders, “Face” reverberates with punchy rhythms reminiscent of Sylvan Esso and floats with the melodic flow of Imogen Heap.

The crisp production of “Face” allows for effortless juxtaposition between the head-bobbing bounce of each verse and the gentle yet impactful airiness going into the chorus. Their previous single, “490“, shares the same alternative electronic modernity: it captures the listener with dynamic and driving rhythms, gentle builds and interspersed instrumentation, sprinkled with gorgeous vocals courtesy of Nora Luders.

The noteworthy duo are still on the upswing: they released their first single one year ago followed by a five piece EP called Ümlaut, which features a softer pop indietronica vibe compared to the edgier atmosphere captured by their latest two singles. Though there is limited information available about the current and future goings on of NÄM, we know they will be touring France this summer. With any luck, another collection of formidable musical gems is right around the corner.


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