Weekend Watch: This is Paris

You meant to watch it, and life got busy! But we’re here to remind you to get behind-the-scenes with one of the most iconic women of our time

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Who else totally meant to watch this and has spent the last few weeks feeling super excluded from friends’ conversation because they just didn’t quite get around to it? Great, you’re in hot company…

This weekend, we’re making time to get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the very first influencer, and one of America’s most well-known socialites: Paris Hilton. The notoriously private heiress, whose very public ups and downs have made headlines (and millions!) over the years, gave YouTube’s camera crews permission to follow her around for the better part of a year in order to make this documentary – and it’s a type of access we’ve never had to her before.

If you’re looking for hard-hitting investigative journalism, this might not be it. But the weekend watch threshold is more than met, because there are so many funny, humanizing moments (take a shot every time Paris is late for something) but also because she gets very real (and very personal) about some difficult things – both in her present, but also from her childhood – about which she’s never spoken publicly. Trigger warning: There are some conversations about childhood abuse, so keep that in mind as you watch or when deciding whether this is something for you. We were really moved to see her use her celebrity to amplify the voices of other survivors, and will be following along as she pursues her case.

All of that takes a tremendous amount of strength, which is incredibly empowering for the rest of us. So we’re here for it, and proud of her for sharing her truth. It’s one of the “hottest” things a woman can do, to borrow her iconic phrase.

Happy weekend, y’all <3


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