Weekend Watch: “The Credibility Gap: How Sexism Shapes Human Knowledge”

Soraya Chemaly’s awesome talk at TedxBarcelonaWoman is a not-to-miss

Time to curl up on your sofa with your favorite cup of tea and a recommendation from us. Soraya Chemaly is a writer and media critic, primarily dealing with issues relating to gender. In this 2015 talk from TedWomenxBarcelona, Soraya shares how a comically long line for the ladies’ room sent her on a journey to understand the effects on society because of its being shaped by men. Through her research, she shows that the world around us not only doesn’t – but almost cannot – take the needs and experiences of women into account, in everything from how behavior is understood, to how we conceive of what it means “to know” – and yes, even to that freaking long line for the bathroom.

This is an oldie, but pretty essential viewing for those of us who are committed to making gender inequality a thing of the past. We wanted to make sure y’all hadn’t missed it!

Learn more about Soraya and her work by checking out her website or Instagram.

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