Weekend Watch: Michelle Wolf’s Timeless White House Correspondents’ Dinner Stand Up

Time for some much-needed self-care… And we’ve got you covered!

Hey y’all. How’s your week? Totally normal and fine, not a waking nightmare in every way? Super. Same.

So, this week has been a Lot for those of us following the American election. A lot of emotions, a lot of refreshing our browsers, a lot of cursing at the television, a lot of snacking/drinking/oversleeping/not sleeping at all… You get it. A lot of coping as best we can. And we say it often, but it’s SO important to prioritize self-care, especially in the midst of the (can I say “shit tornado” on this page?) shit tornado. So that’s what today’s about.

Life has been a circus of horrors this week, on top of the four years (decades?) that preceded it, and trying to act normal during these extremely abnormal times has been really hard. Like, “how haven’t I given myself an ulcer from holding everything in yet”-hard. But what’s been working for me lately, and what I’m hoping might work for you as well, is consuming content with sassy, angry, non-compliant, sometimes straight-up petty women. Just trust me. I noticed this a few weeks ago after binging four straight seasons of “Schitt’s Creek”. Something about watching the constant bickering actually made me feel better physically, and my sense is it’s because I was seeing people express their anger in a way I don’t really have the space to these days. I’m telling you, it’s like a deep hydration mask for my nerves.

…Which is why I’ve returned to Michelle Wolf‘s iconic (and verrry “fuck you very much”) stand up set from the 2018 White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Yes, the annual event takes place at the Washington Hilton, but you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for a library, since Michelle Wolf spent a cool twenty fully reading Trump for FILTH. And two years later, I… am even more here for it than I was back then.

There is something so, So therapeutic about listening to Michelle Wolf systematically dismantle the administration in all of its buffoonery, chump by chump, and say with her signature “nice lady” chuckle what I can only ever scream with rage into my pillow. So today, we’re raging vicariously through Michelle. This is the form my self-care is taking, and not only is it cheaper than a day at the spa – it’s also way more hilarious. Which can’t hurt these days, right?

Ok, try to hang in there for now, and I’ll be back next week to check on y’all again. In the meantime, please enjoy this immortal photo of the White House correspondents hyping our girl Michelle up after her set, which captures a mood I’d describe as “fun moment of resistance even though everything is the worst” – and that’s always a good thing:

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Photo: Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images

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