Weekend Watch: Learning to Pole Dance in 30 Days

Pole dancing is for everyone, as long as you want it bad enough! After all, “It’s not about size – it’s about arrogance!”

Image: Glamour

“Pole dancing is one of the most athletic and challenging strength-based sports that exists”, says coach Roz, who you’re about to fall in love with – and for those of us who’ve given pole dancing a shot, say at a bachelorette party (and had the bruises to show for it!), we know that’s absolutely true!

Today’s Weekend Watch is the inaugural episode of Glamour’s three-part series, “30 Days to Greatness”, which follows a lead who commits herself fully to the immersive process of making her life all about that one new skill for the next month, in the hopes of mastering it. Not only is it a blast to watch someone really go all-in on something, but it’s really dope to get more context about (in this case) pole dancing, which a lot of folks still seem to have a lot of opinions about ::upside-down smiling emoji::. “There are 1001 styles of pole dancing – and not every one has to be a classic stripper-style,” says Roz. Great to know! And somehow, probably still surprising to some. Let’s spread the word!

And if there’s one major life takeaway from this episode, let it be Rox’s words:

“It’s not about size – it’s about arrogance!”

So grab your tea and comfie socks, and enjoy living vicariously through this super fun and motivating little epsiode – and if you want more, there are two more queued up on YouTube to get you there!

xoxo and Happy Weekend!


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