Weekend Watch, Halloween-at-Home Edition: “Harvest Moon”

This Halloween, we’re giving ourselves the heebie-jeebies with a night in and one of those “so bad they’re good” romance movies

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Image: Netflix

Happy Halloween, y’all! Yes, this year’s festivities will be a little different – but just because we’re trading in the annual costumed romp around neighborhood for… even more of the great indoors (eyeroll)… doesn’t mean we have to give up our tricks or our treats!

So, in honor of the holiday, today’s Weekend Watch is more than just a movie: It’s an EXPERIENCE. That’s right – We’re leaning into the spookiness of the season by watching one of those Hallmark romance movies that’s so terrifically bad, it’s scary!

Today’s offering is “Harvest Moon”, a 2015 film about a rich, self-absorbed socialite whose life gets turned upside-down when her father declares bankruptcy, leaving her with the task of making the family’s one remaining asset (a pumpkin farm she somehow didn’t know she owned – and who among us hasn’t been there?) profitable enough to sell. Of course the farm is run by a hard-headed (but unsurprisingly warm-hearted) widower named Brett, together with his crew of (pretty one-dimensional but) lovable supporting characters, all of whom don’t want the farm to be sold. Against all probability – yet at the same time, entirely predictably – everyone puts their differences aside to turn the farm around together and, in the process, the city girl and the country boy find love under the harvest moon!

That’s not even a spoiler, so don’t @ me. It’s actually one of the reasons folks like me absolutely Love this genre of movie. There’s zero thinking required (which is a welcome break from this bonkers year), it always wraps up with a bow around the 90-minute mark, and the time in between is full of cringey dialogue, plot holes large enough to drive a truck through, and comically bad shenanigans. It is… breathtaking.

Consider this your official content warning if you’re lactose intolerant:
These films are the cheesiest things on the planet.

The end of the year is usually my major binge-a-thon, filled with holiday and New Year’s romance films (which have taught me over the years that if snow ever starts gently – but unexpectedly – falling, it’s time to RUN because a dance mob is probably about to break about), but there’s plenty of seasonal fun/harmless buffoonery to be shared with autumn too! And frankly, I have no idea how I’d missed “Harvest Moon”, hailed by IMDB users as “watchable”, “predictable”, “predictable but harmless”, “not their best movie”, and “mostly enjoyable.” That’s right – Part of the fun of watching these movies is pausing it halfway through to have your eyerolls and laughs confirmed by strangers on the internet. It’s truly a multi-platform party!

And it’s honestly too much fun to enjoy alone. That’s why I’m spending this Halloween with “Harvest Moon” streaming on my laptop and three of my best friends on a Zoom chat. The event’s official dress code is “Costume if you gaf”, the hors d’oeuvres will be some form of chocolate followed by chocolate in some other form, and paired beautifully with the cheapest red wine from the kiosk on my street (who saw me without makeup the other day – Boo!). And then we’ll all laugh our asses off together about every wonderful, ridiculous, wildly improbable thing that happens in this movie.

Feel free to copy my homework on this one and slide into our inbox and DM’s to let us know how it goes. We all deserve a great Halloween, and I can think of no more foolproof way than goofing off with the people we love. So have fun, stay safe and maybe avoid the harvest moon unless you’re trying to get engaged at breakneck speed!

“Harvest Moon” is streaming now on Netflix, so search for it next time you’re signed in. We usually drop a direct link or embed videos here in the articles, but since the platform is region-specific, you’re gonna have to meet us halfway this time. We promise it’s worth it, though!


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