Weekend Watch: Gina Martin’s Powerful TEDx Talk, “They Told Me to Change my Clothes. I Changed the Law Instead”

Get inspired by one amazing young woman’s mission to make upskirting illegal!

Gina Martin is a badass.
If you haven’t heard of her before now, get ready for some inspiration. In a profoundly honest and moving TEDx Talk, Gina takes us through these last few years of her life; a story that begins with a boy taking a photo up her skirt without her consent, but ends with her fighting to change the laws in England to make his behavior a crime – and winning.

Here’s what the TEDxWarwick site had to say about her:

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“Gina Martin is a writer, campaigner and broadcaster. She was named one of TIME Magazines #100Next Influential people, one of London’s 1000 most influential people by London Evening Standard and Equality Champion of The Year at the Stylist Remarkable Women Awards. 

Gina is most well known for creating and running the media and political campaign to make upskirting illegal and advocates for regular people creating change. Her debut book Be The Change is a practical and accessible toolkit for activists starting out and she was recently announced as an ambassador for UNWomenUK.

Gina’s TEDxWarwick talk will be an authentic and human look into the reality of sexual harassment, being silenced, and subsequently going against the establishment. Gina will chart with humour and raw honesty how she changed the law despite being a nobody with no political or legal experience.Her talk will discuss the cultural problem with sexual harassment and challenge why regular people don’t feel like they are good enough to make change happen.

This TEDxTalk has only been out for a few weeks, but we’ve been back a couple times to extract more wisdom and motivation from Gina’s journey. Props to her for rising to fearlessly meet the moment, and turn a genuinely traumatic experience into an opportunity to make womxn more safe!


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