Weekend Watch: Emily Heller’s Stand up Special “Ice Thickeners”

What better way to wind down after yet another wild week… Than with the time-tested escapism that comedy provides!

Hey, y’all! So, it’s be another week full of year-long days, there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight, and we’re all being forced to live through it. I mean, at least until January 20th. (Author’s note: 67 days, per the Google search I have bookmarked) There are lots of ways to cope with the nightmarish craziness we’re mired in right now: we can get involved and try to be proactive (shoutout to everyone helping with the runoff elections in Georgia!), we can scream into our pillows (have done, 10/10 would recommend), we can learn some TikTok choreo as a fun way to trick ourselves into working out at home… All perfectly acceptable solutions! For me, today, I’m choosing to meet this (truly bonkers) moment with some good ol’ fashioned escapism.

Enter Emily Heller, the comedian and writer behind such perfect television as HBO’s Barry (for which she also won a WGA Award, fyi). She’s also a familiar face (or voice) from shows like MaronInside Amy SchumerGrace and Frankie, and Bojack Horseman. And if you listen to feminist or progressive podcasts, you’ve probably already laughed your ass off at her quick, fearless zingers about all manner of foolishness – other people’s as well as her own. With all that being said, folks like me already love Emily Heller for about nine different reasons at once – yet had somehow missed her 2019 Comedy Central special, Ice Thickeners.

Can we agree that all good things happen in their own time, though? Because it really seems like the universe knew I needed this Emily experience now more than ever. And it definitely helped. Especially right now, let’s prioritize carving out a few goofy minutes to get our minds off the world around us and laugh about stuff like beating your therapist by making *them cry during a session, pushy personal trainers, being an annoying vegetarian (which she freely self-identifies as)… It’s just a nice break. So I’m passing it along to you with the hope that it kicks your weekend off with some positive energy. Big hug from the Girls Are Awesome office, and see you all back here next week – Same time, same place 🙂


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