Weekend Watch: “Defying Gravity” with the Icons of Women’s Gymnastics

We started watching for Olympic gymnastics, but we kept watching for inspirational, empowering stories told by the athletes themselves.

Image: Glamour

Anyone else been working from home, stuck in quarantine, or just generally going a little stir-crazy right now? No worries – The latest Weekend Watch has you covered!

Who knows if it’s because of the general heaviness in the world right now because of (gestures broadly), but Glamour just released a 6-part docuseries called “Defying Gravity: The Untold Story of Women’s Gymnastics” on YouTube, which is every bit the uplifting antidote I needed it to be after a long week.

This first episode is an intro to some of the most badass gymnasts ever to compete at the elite level, who tell about some of the most iconic moments of their journeys – soaring victories and crushing victories alike. The wisdom that they’re able to share – about the way we attach self-worth to performance, about coping (or not) with unbelievable pressure, about approaching huge goals one step at a time – have implications far beyond the arena.

…and, not for nothing, but as a gold medalist in binge-watching who can’t get enough of unbelievable women flipping and flying through the air as the crowd goes wild, I genuinely appreciated the fact that there are six episodes in this series. It’s the little things, ya know.

So put your feet up and live vicariously for a while this weekend, if you’re all cooped up inside. Start watching for amazing gymnastics, keep watching for the genuinely inspiring bits of encouragement, like this parting word from Laurie Hernandez: “I’m never gonna be like anybody else, and it’s taking that as a superpower, and embracing that, knowing that there’s nobody like you – that’s what makes you special.”


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