Weekend Watch: Alok V Menon’s Incredible Talk on De-Gendering Fashion

This amazing talk at Business of Fashion’s VOICES series will take you the whole weekend to digest! And we love it…

alok | alok v menon | Gender
Photo: AlokVMenon.com

We were huge fans of Alok V Menon long before this video popped up in our recommends, but it deserves a full moment – And that’s why we’re spotlighting it for today’s Weekend Watch!

Alok is a gender non-conforming performer, educator, designer, author, speaker and everything in between who was invited to speak at Business of Fashion’s 2019 talk forum VOICES about the importance of de-gendering fashion. As folks who are eager to be part of the solution for a more inclusive and diverse future, this talk got us so hyped about the reasons to think more critically about how the heteronormative gender binary within fashion limits human expression, but also creates dangerous conditions for trans and non-binary folks – as well as excludes them from fashion, despite the fact that they’ve literally always been part of the story.

We’re 100% on-board with Alok’s message, and agree that every piece of clothing should be for anyone who wants it, and they should be able to wear and enjoy that without fear of violence or stigma. For more from Alok, check out their website and Instagram, where they also post deep-dive carousals and amazing, comprehensive book reviews of super timely reads!

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