LISTEN: The sound of the WE MAKE MUSIC Nordic Song Camp Participants

We’ve gathered a playlist with 24 tracks written or produced by the participants of this year’s WE MAKE MUSIC song camp in Copenhagen!

Danish producer, singer and songwriter Fjer at the We Make Music Song Camp 2021 - by Emma Ishøy

From the 20th to 25th of September, 12 woman songwriters, producers and topliners from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland got together in Copenhagen Studio in the heart of Copenhagen. They were there to participate in the WE MAKE MUSIC nordic song camp for women initiated by the Danish organization for songwriters and composers (DJBFA) who wanna be part of changing the huge gender gap in music-making.

DJBFA has organized many song camps for its members in the past, but this camp was different. For the second time now, they’ve initiated a song camp only open for women, trans- and non-binary producers and songwriters to apply.

If you’re not quiiiite sure what a song camp is, think of it as some sort of a music factory (if things go well, a hit factory!) At song camps, professional songwriters, topliners and producers meet up simply to write tracks. It’s a common concept in the music industry although you don’t hear much about it as a music consumer. However, lots of your favorite pop tunes are most likely the well-sounding result of some good old song camp magic.

One of the songwriters who participated in the WE MAKE MUSIC song camp is Nanna Bottos, who’s signed with the publishing company GL Music. She currently has a song featured on the soundtrack of the Netflix show Tiny Pretty Things and co-writes music with both local and international artists, songwriters and producers.

There’re several reasons, why she loves working at song camps:

The spike of work-energy a camp usually is for me, the music immersion and the making of new friends and colleagues, she explains.

Nanna Botto / We Make Music

The power of an all-women song camp is that it creates a space for feelings, thoughts and ideas that is different with no males in the room – Nanna Bottos

Photo of Nanna Bottos by Malene Nelting

Julie Børresen who joined the camp all the way from Norway applied for the camp because she loves collaborating with others and gets a creativity boost out of camps. She loves seeing other people’s strengths musically and discovering what they can create together. In her opinion, there’s good need of an all-women song camp like the one she applied for.

I think there is way too few female music producers in the music industry and an all female camp can be a good starting point to change that. The power of a female songcamp is that we can front all the amazing women in the industry, get to know each other and create cool stuff together, but also start to collaborate after the camp, so more female producers are able to work with new artists.

Besides from Nanna Bottos and Julie Børrensen, the participants at the camp counted Hildur Kristín Stefánsdóttir (IS), MIMRA (IS), Clara Sofie Fabricius (DK), Maja Barløse (DK), Julia Jakobsen (DK), Marie Sahba (NO), ToneB (NO), Anna Nas (SE), Mira Aasma (SE) and Nellie Fors (SE).

If you’re curious on the musical background that the 12 participants brought to the table at the camp, we’ve put together a playlist with songs all either produced, written or co-written by the participants in the song camp. Check it out below and remember to use the “show credits” function at Spotify that helps you keep track of who wrote, co-wrote and produced the song you’re streaming.

The WE MAKE MUSIC song camp was initiated by DJBFA for Koda Kultur in collaboration with NOPA (NO), SKAP (SE),  FTT (IS) and with support from Nordic Cultur Point/Nordisk Kulturkontakt and Nordisk Kulturfond.

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