We Love Female Skateboarders on Billboards in Times Square

Check out this bold statement from pro skateboarder and founder of ‘Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word’, Cindy Whitehead, giving women and girls recognition for being fierce and formidable in their own way.

Photos by Ian Logan

Thanks to Cindy Whitehead, pro skateboarder and founder of nonprofit female-centric skate movement, Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word, these glorious billboards stood proudly in the center of Manhattan’s Times Square to celebrate Women’s History Month in style. The badass skate veteran and activist answered the need for a strong statement regarding women’s place in the world of skating, sending a bold message that “yes, we are here too”, with the fierce and formidable attitude to tackle pretty much anything.

In Whitehead’s words: “It’s time we start creating the change we wish to see. […] These girls are rad. They are fearless and they are renegades. They are smashing stereotypes into a million pieces, and they are authentic and real. They are kicking the ass out of social norms, so it felt like this would be a really great way to show that, as well as a perfect way to kick off Women’s History Month.” Cindy Whitehead has already seen and contributed more than her fair share to the fight for equity of the sexes in following her passion as a pro skateboarder. Whitehead has led the fight for women’s equality in skateboarding ever since her strong career in the 70’s, and she still has loads more to say on the matter.

The billboard on 42nd Street and 7th Avenue facing South East was an epic tribute among the hustle and bustle that was well worth the journey. “Women and girls in skateboarding should be seen and celebrated,” says Whitehead, “it was awesome to see female skateboarders from California as well as New York come out to view and celebrate these billboards as a collective group. It wasn’t about who was on the billboards, it was about the fact that they were finally seeing skater girls like themselves, larger than life.”

If you’re inspired like we are, grab a copy of her book It’s Not About Pretty: A Book About Radical Skater Girls as well, and get your eyes on the movement, Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word, to see what’s happening in the skating world for women.



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