We All Deserve to Feel Like That Girl!

During Copenhagen Pride Week back in August, we followed Brynhildr as she introduced us to the faces and voices of those who live for queer liberation 365 days a year; the awesome women and femmes of the queer community here in Copenhagen. In this article, we’ve talked to Bryn about how we can educate ourselves further.

Brynhildr by Nikolaj Rohde Simonsen - That Girl
Brynhildr by Nikolaj Rohde Simonsen

By Brynhildr & Emma Ishøy
Photos by Nikolaj Rohde Simonsen

First of all, we at Girls Are Awesome want to give our gratitudes to Brynhildr and the four amazing people – Marie, Amanita, Lina and Evita – for sharing their stories and reality with us, and letting us in on their queer community and bringing forth their issues.

This article will present you with a list of takeaways and recommendations that may or can help you in your intersectional education based on our series ‘That Girl!’ with help from Brynhildr. If you haven’t yet seen our series, you can find each video link further down this article.

In the following, we want to share with you 4 lists of top 4 sources for further educating yourself about queer history and intersectionality by Bryn:


READ (all English):

  1. “The Combahee River Collective Statement” by Harriet Sigerman
    • Note from Bryn: “The foundation of intersectionality.”
  2. “Transgender history” by Susan Striker
  3. “Terrorist assemblages” by Jasbir Puar
    • Note from Bryn: “This publication defines and coins the term homonationalism. It also examines how white gay politics affirm dominance of the US State.”
  4. “Woman Race and Class” by Angela Davis


  1. ‘Intersectionality Matters!’ by Kimberly Crenshaw
  2. ‘Disability Visibility’ by Alice Wong
  3. ‘Man Enough’ Podcast – in particular the episode with Alok Vaid-Menon called ‘The Urgent Need for Compassion’
  4. ‘Thinking Out Loud’ (Danish podcast) by Atiyo Muse & Aisha Tambajang

SUPPORT (Danish-based):

  1. LGBT Asylum (https://lgbtasylum.dk/)
  2. FSTB (Danish) – Foreningen for Støtte til Transkønnede Børn (https://fstb.dk/medlem)
  3. The Red Van (https://trv.dk/)
  4. TransAktion (https://www.trans-aktion.dk/)


  1. Alok Vaid-Menon (@alokvmenon)
  2. Tarana Burke (@taranajaneen)
  3. Imani Barbarin (@crutches_and_spice on Instagram & TikTok)
  4. Joris Lechêne (@Joris_Explains on TikTok)


  • Activist & professor Angela Davis
  • Writer & activist Audre Lorde
  • Writer, poet & activist James Baldwin
  • Drag queen & activist Marsha P Johnson
  • Activist Sylvia Rivera

As Bryn says herself: Let’s get even more educated!

Intersectionality is key.

Evita Kedavra

For you who’s missed the videos, we present them for you here.

First episode

In first episode of ‘That Girl!’, teacher and former sex worker Marie Peschardt talks sex work and how levels of sex work are essential for the well-being of sex workers.

Marie Peschardt by Nikolaj Rohde Simonsen

There are levels of sex work, and we need [the levels] to talk about it more without being stigmatized. – Marie

Watch the video here!

Second episode

In the second episode, we meet Amanita and hear more about the conversations happening on the frontlines of trans advocacy and HIV destigmatizing.

Amanita by Nikolaj Rohde Simonsen

When you are constantly put down by society because of your sexuality and gender identity How do you validate your sexuality and your gender identity? Through sex! In order to get that validation we go to extremes that put us in danger. – Amanita

Watch the video here!

Third episode

In third episode, musician and queer icon Lina Rafn tells us about the power of finding your people and expressing yourself. 

Lina Rafn by Nikolaj Rohde Simonsen

I very quickly picked up on all the people who came from an artsy scene or a queer scene or a gay scene, and they picked up on me as well. It was like, oh you’re my family! This is where I belong – these people are my people. – Lina Rafn

Watch the video here!

Fourth episode

For the fourth and last episode with Evita Kedavra, the topic is drag and how human rights impact the drag lifestyle. As a Lebanese drag queen living in Denmark, Evita works with LGBT Asylum, an organization that fights for the rights of LGBT+ people in the Danish asylum system.

Evita Kedavra by Nikolaj Rohde Simonsen
Evita Kedavra by Nikolaj Rohde Simonsen

Visibility is a very specific thing that has affected my drag in a very specific way. Random people that I don’t know, taking my picture without my consent, is very violating to me. I have recently figured out that the only way I’m going to combat it is that whenever anyone asks for a picture, I’m going to ask for money. Reparations.

– Evita Kedavra
Evita Kedavra by Nikolaj Rohde Simonsen
Evita Kedavra by Nikolaj Rohde Simonsen

Watch the video here!


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