Watch The Music Video For ‘A Womxn Will Save Us All’ From Indigo Face

Catch our exclusive conversation with Mary from Indigo Face, about their latest uplifting music video, contradicting societal expectations of women and the true meaning of female empowerment.

The self-proclaimed “weird” gender-inclusive band Indigo Face is not one to shy away from the essential intricacies of the human experience. In their music video, “A Womxn Will Save Us All”, the bold London-based trio touches upon the epic nature of womanhood in many different forms. While the media overall tends to incorporate a certain level of rigidity in the portrayal of women – depicting the “optimal” age, behavior, or role of women in an inflexible “ideal” – Indigo Face wants to challenge these often unfitting standards. Regarding the release, the band says:

The video is an ode to all womxn and it showcases individuals who define their own femininity defying gender norms and societal expectations. The song embodies the sensitivity, the hopefulness, the strength and frustrations that being a womxn can bring about, while processing all those feelings into a uniting and elevating level of consciousness.

We spoke to Mary of Indigo Face about the music video for the tack-sharp yet simultaneously understated indie track, which expounds upon the basic principles that unite different versions of femininity in one cohesive story. Watch the music video below.

Hi, Mary! Can you tell us the inspiration behind “A Womxn Will Save Us All”?

‘A Womxn Will Save Us All’ is a celebration of all womxn and also a call to action; the song is about the need to dismantle the patriarchy. When I wrote the lyrics, I imagined a sort of apocalyptic scenario. The world is about to end and the only person who can save it is a Womxn, but in order to do that, the ‘old house’ needs to be taken down, a new world needs to be built – one that is more nurturing and empathic.

How do you feel femininity is portrayed in the media?

The media still has a very strict idea of femininity unfortunately. I’d love to see more diversity, more women of colour, more trans women and gender fluid people. It’s time to show reality in all its beautiful complexity, instead of portraying such a strict idea of it. Things are changing though, and we owe it to the courage of people like Jamie Windust, Munroe Bergdorf, Adwoa Aboah and many others, who are not afraid to speak up and who have built a safe platform for womxn and non-gender-conforming people to express themselves and share their stories.

What about the music industry?

Something I really would like to be turned around is ageism. I want media and the general public to accept that a womxn ages, and if a male artist can rock on stage in his 70s and still “look cool” so can we. There is still this twisted idea that women need to be crystallized in time… how absurd!

So there’s still a lot of work to do, but I’m confident things will change rapidly because we are now starting to expose and dismantle a lot of old mechanisms.

What is your interpretation of “female empowerment”, so to speak?

Sisterhood. When womxn come together they can be incredibly powerful. I’d love for us to never forget how important it is to stand up for each other.

The music video for “A Womxn Will Save Us All” is beautiful and powerful. Can you describe the concept behind it?

The video is an ode to all Womxn, and a celebration of all the beautiful facets of femininity. The womxn in the video are shown in their diverse glorious strength and vulnerability, all coming together in a unified energy to gracefully but firmly remind the world of their existence and their importance.

How did it come together and how did you go about choosing the women who are portrayed in the video?

We made sure the video would portray the same concept of inclusivity that the song conveys. Women of all backgrounds, ages, sexual orientations, religions, races, cis women, trans women took part in the project.

What is your biggest takeaway from the production?

My biggest take away is that when womxn work together, they can create something truly beautiful. Nobody can portray our vision of the world better than us!

What’s coming up next for Indigo Face?

We are releasing a new single very soon, just in time for summer. Keep an eye on our social media for all the updates 🙂

Any parting advice for girls or women out there? Either in music, or just overall.

Remember the little girl you once were? Before they told you how to behave, how to dress, what you were supposed to say and do? Find that little girl. She’s fearless, she can’t wait to be free. She’ll show you the way.

Thank so much!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to talk about ‘A Womxn Will Save Us All’!


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