Watch Pinki Rings’ New Girl Gang-Approved Video for “Guns in the Club’”

‘Guns in the Club’ exudes darker tones about a group of outsiders creating their own union and finding power within.

Opening with the bold statement of ”When you wanna gonna get it, come get it’’ it’s clear we’re in for a treat from Danish outfit Pinki Rings. Their new music video for “Guns in the Club”  portrays a sisterhood of women who ‘’…share a feeling of not fitting in with the world they live in,’’ as Copenhagen-based director and composer Lasse Martinussen explained to NOWNESS.

As the band is his own, Martinussen has collaborated with Persian singer Sahar Pour whose real-life friends portray the mystical unity seen in the video. 

It features glimpses of a group of misfits finding home and understanding within each other, creating this powerful, rebel gang of women willing to do anything for one another and all in all promoting acceptance and #girllove.

Martinussen and Pour have previously worked on music together; besides creating art, they’ve been a couple for over a decade. The director has also added his own thoughts of the overall idea: “There is a feeling that these women are tied together and all alone at the same time,” he says. “The narrative of the video—which features Sahar’s real friends—is based on emotions and images, rather than a linear story, while having the constant feeling of progression throughout.”

Check out this new video, and give your own girl gang a call, why dontcha?


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