Watch Noa Moon’s Subdued and Pensive Music Video for ”Sparks”

Transport yourself to the oceans of your mind through this immersive film.

During these all-grey December days, one may naturally seek beauty and inspiration elsewhere than out on the cold, windy streets. A music video for Sparks, released back in April this year, by the Belgian artist Noa Moon, brings us to the golden island of Tenerife to find exactly what we’re looking for.

Orchestrated by the Brussels-based film wizard Jerome Guiot, the minimalistic yet powerful execution of the project can now also be added to the number of shorts and documentaries made by the director.

The artist herself, Noa Moon, hasn’t been in the music scene for too long. But that has not stopped her from releasing three albums, including her latest brain child Azurite, and strongly creating a space for her work in the expansive music industry.

The storyline pulls the viewer into a whirlwind of muted yet strangely familiar rounds of emotions with its visual simplicity and inviting yet mysterious feel. All in all, the track and video create a unique soundscape that’s accompanied by the thought-provoking set of lyrics.

As told to NOWNESS by Guiot, the storyline revolves around ”a personal progression in a changing and wild environment. A mise en abyme of the song that evokes the progress of everyone, the strength of this little spark that shines in us that helps us to go further.”

Watch the music video above and enjoy your almost-end-of-the-week inspiration!


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