Watch ”Land of Skate”, the Film Changing Your Perspective on the Power of Skateboarding

Positivity, support, love and skating.

Freshly released last week, the short documentary Land of Skate goes into depth about the developments at Skateistan‘s Skate School, which is an award-winning, international non-profit organization aiming to help children and youth gain confidence and follow their dreams through skateboarding. But you already know that, because we’ve been partnering with them since forever and helping them raise money.

Produced by heavyweight skate director Ty Evans, best known for Yeah Right, pretty sweet and Fully Flared, Land of Skate follows the journey of over 1,800 kids over three different countries, Cambodia, Afghanistan and South Africa. Ultimately, it demonstrates the positive change and impact skating bears on youth as well as their families.

In just over ten minutes, the film presents quite the emotional ride. It showcases all types of kids and teens thriving in the supporting and strengthening society they’re now a part of with Skateistan, and includes more than a few tear-jerking quotes, if we’re being honest.

Give it a watch now.



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