Watch the Ladies Crush It in the #laaxisniceyo Video Series

The ladies are teaching the boys a lesson or two in episode four of #laaxisniceyo.

This fall, LAAX is presenting a seven-chapter video series that covers pretty much all aspects that make LAAX nice, yo!

So what exactly does that entail? Just about anything you’d expect from a freestyle resort. You’ll see an endless playground of backcountry terrain and powder runs, offering fresh mountain air and smiles all around. You’ll see countless miles of perfectly-prepared pistes to cruise and carve on. Other than landscape eye candy of the award-winning snow park, you’ll also get to know their sharp crew—specifically the notorious P60 run and its cast of colourful characters.

Chapter four of the #laaxisniceyo video series is all about their local crew of ladies. On any given day, these girls can be found lapping the P60 park run, hiking rails, or just cruising around the resort – and as you can see in this chapter, they’re absolutely crushing it throughout. There isn’t an obstacle in the park they won’t destroy with heaps of style and mad skills. Attention boys: there’s a thing or two you can learn about “pole dancing” from these ladies, so play close attention and take notes!

Celia Petrig, Franziska Ettlin, Nadine Müller, Aurelia Amrein, Stéphanie Kauert, Isabella Groenestein, Nina Hochholdinger, Barbara Hanisch, Sina Candrian & Joelle Juchli

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