Watch Grace Neutral and Simone Klimmeck Discuss Being Labeled as ‘Unconventional’ and Using the Body as a Canvas

"If we're gonna talk about the way that we look, I never did this to be unconventional; this is all just a part of my creativity." - Grace Neutral

A few weeks back, German tattooist Simone Klimmeck partook in a tattoo artist residency at East London’s Lacemakers Sweatshop with Grace Neutral—the tattoo artist famed for her commitment to breaking archaic global beauty standards, her purple eyes and her intricate stick ‘n poke tattoo style. You may have read the article and you may have seen the photos, but now you can watch the two women partake in a candid discussion about ‘being unconventional’, tattoo culture and using the body as canvas.

Throughout a chat led by videographer and documentary filmmaker Timothy George Kelly (the director behind 2016’s much-praised and viscerally honest documentary Brexitannia), Grace and Simone compare what it’s like to grow up in small towns and look, well, different; discuss the problematic complexities around labelling something as normal or abnormal; and touch upon contemporary tattoo culture and creativity. It’s short and sweet—but in just five minutes, the video communicates precisely why today’s generation is exponentially breaking down restrictive ideals around the ‘appropriate’ female appearance.

Check it out above, and keep up with Simone throughout the next few months here.