Vigsø’s New Track, “Ikke Glad”, Reminds Us That Not Being Happy is Totally Chill Sometimes

Get your ears on the Danish rapper’s latest matter-of-fact track, the first song she’s put out since her debut album release last summer.

Danish | Ikke Glad | New Track

Danish rapper Vigsø, who delivered a solid debut album last summer, is finally hitting the streets again with a new song called “Ikke Glad”—the Danish phrase for “Not Happy”. The track is as simple as that, really: she directs her words towards somebody who just cannot make her feel good, even thought this person is always there trying. So, what does she do? Naturally, she acts like a total dick and pretty much spins out of control just so she can feel something.

“Ikke Glad” is produced in collaboration with DJ Noize, 1996 DMC World Champion and a professional and recognized producer.

The video has that signature Nordic coldness, which goes hand in hand with her flow as a rapper. The whole thing is beautiful, raw, tragically funny, awkward—and definitely worth a few minutes of your time. 


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