View the World Through the Lens of Sonia Ziegler

Danish photographer and skate culture enthusiast Sonia Ziegler captures the world through an adventurous and compassionate perspective, this time exploring Amman, Jordan for great skate spots.

By now, massively insightful photographer Sonia Ziegler is adept at capturing humanity in different contexts – whether exploring different cultures, or in her own country of Denmark, her kind and compassionate lens offers an inspiring view of the world. She comes from a background in skating, having attended Bryggeriets Gymnasium, where skateboarding is one of the subjects in school, and ever since then, she has been drawn towards this modality for culture, using this as a means to collaborate and connect with others. On her most recent trip, she visited Amman, Jordan in search of great skate spots and left with a deeper understanding of the culture and people. See her and her camera in action via FUJIFILM, here:

Photos by Sonia Ziegler



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