Video with Rapper Sosa on the Importance of Representation: “I Wanted to See Me, and I Still Haven’t Seen Me”

Our video profile and Q&A with the Afro-Danish rapper who’s using her bars and her presence to lead the way for future African musicians.

Danish rap | female representation | hip hop

Take a moment to check out the new tongue-in-cheek rapper Sosa. Hailing from the Copenhagen suburbs and still in her teens, Sosa s oozing with confidence and old school vibes as she grabs the microphone with slick rhymes and bad ass attitude. We put together a little video profile of her, and then sat down to get the inside scoop on her universe – Here you go!

Film Crew: @amalieivalo @emma.ishoey @alexanderhjespersen

What made you realize you were actually really good at rapping?

My support system actually. Family and friends always mentioning that I have a skill I should use! Which I eventually did!

You’ve been missing some role models in the Danish music scene for you to relate to, but Who’ve been your biggest role models outside of Denmark? 

That’s hard to say really, because there are so many artist I’ve been inspired by. I don’t think I have one role model in the music business! But one of them would be Missy Elliot, Lauren Hill, Lil Kim, Eve, Juicy J, Big L, Tupac and Biggie but that’s not even a fraction of the artist I love!

Danish rap | female representation | hip hop

You’re writing your tracks in Danish – how do you work with the Danish language and what does it mean to your art?

I can’t lie it’s not the easiest but that’s why I have my producer and manager to help and guide me because it’s not only to rhyme words together. There are also ways to make it sound better. There are some ways of rapping in American rap that sounds good, which my producer of manager wants me to try applying it to Danish rap and that elevates the song to another level. Which elevates me to another level of expression too!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? 

The best advice I’ve received would be to have tunnel vision because it’s easy to lose focus when other distractions take place, like bullies and people wanting to put me down. But if I have tunnel vision nothing will/can faze me.

When live concerts return, what’s it gonna be like attending a Sosa show?

It’s gonna be lit. I have so many ideas of how i would run the show and how fun it Will be attending as a crowd. All I can say is after attending one show, you’ll want to attend all!


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