Video Series: A Talk Between Friends – Masturbation

“I’d try to masturbate when I was younger, but quickly get bored because I just thought that you’d stick a finger in and wait around for some kind of ejaculation or pleasure.”

Hey, all! Today we’re kicking off our new video series in collaboration with Klub Venus. It’s called A TALK BETWEEN FRIENDS, and it’s a project encouraging meaningful conversations. We hope to inspire people to talk more openly about all the things we feel shame about. Things like sexuality, self-esteem, body image, sex and everything in between. Today’s topic is masturbation.

The best way to break taboos is to open up and share your insecurities with people you trust, realizing that we’re all more alike than we might think. For many people, sexuality is a part of life that’s loaded with insecurities. How do you set boundaries, feel comfortable in your own body and talk to your partner(s) about sex?

Klub Venus wants to create a safe space and encourage you to explore your sexuality while talking openly with your friends. Together with Girls Are Awesome, we hope this video series can help you along on those first steps. Check out their website and Instagram to learn more!
Friends: Line & Jennifer
Video: Emma Ishøy, Anna Steenberg & Karoline Vestergaard

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