Video Premiere: Get Shivers Down Your Spine With This Incredible Live Performance by Jane

We had the absolute pleasure of premiering the beautiful single “NLT (What Erykah Said)” and the equally beautiful music video. Now we’re ready with a stunning live session from Jane to you.

Jane by Asbjørn Rosenlund
Jane by Asbjørn Rosenlund

The third single “NLT (What Erykah Said)” by the Danish high schoolfriends Johanne Frandsen and Jason Cameron aka Jane has been out for two weeks now, and it’s only been growing on us every time we’ve pressed play. Now, the song is gaining new life in an incredible live performance filmed on a cloudy summer evening in Copenhagen.

Sounds of water and wind blends with the sound of Johanne’s powerful voice, when a plane forces its way through the night sky taking over the soundscape for a second, before the big and overwhelming synth-driven beat kicks in.

This live session, directed by Asbjørn Rosenlund, hits right where it should and beyond. And it reminds us why we miss live music so f*cking much now that it’s been temporarily taken away from us.

NLT stands for “next lifetime” and it circles around the forbidden feelings of being attracted to someone who’s not your partner – and accepting that it might be OK.

On the live session, Jane says:

With the live session, we wanted to give the track a bigger playground out in the open, where the grandiose and emotional vibe from the track could come to life. The beautiful Dragør Strandegne, where the video is recorded, gives us a feeling of freedom and a room for taking a deep breath. The plane flying above is for me (Johanne) a symbol of escaping from something, or longing for some place far away.

More about that, and other thoughts from the duo, in the piece we wrote when “NLT (What Erykah Said)” premiered a few weeks ago, so definitely give that a read here.


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