VIDEO: Get all pinked up with the visuals for Katlah’s new single

Katlah’s bubblegum universe is reaching new heights in the video for her newest offering “Kattelicious”

katlah | kattelicious | music video

It’s hard not to smile from ear to ear when you see the visuals for Danish singer, songwriter, producer and creative mastermind Katlah‘s new single “Kattelicious”. Taking off where recent singles “Stupid Boi” and “Spell” left us hanging, we’re once again thrown into an alternate universe where Katlah is the queen of a pink kingdom that serves bubblegum for breakfast and cotton candy for dinner.

Being the baddest in the powerpop game has definitely been hard work, but it looks fun in this video which stars two awesome poodles and has a hilariously awkward emoji-game.

On the inspiration for the song, Katlah says:

“I wrote “Kattelicious (Exclusive)” at a time I was so sick and tired of every single guy around me. Tired of constantly running into guys that only wanted to be around me to compensate for their own boring daily lives. Just to get a boost of my kattelicious energy and then disappear again. I am (of course) way too valuable for that type of bullshit, – way too exclusive :)”

Katlah is the fierce and sassy alias of 23-year-old Katrine Brixen, who’s currently studying electronic music and sound art at the Danish National Academy of Music.

katlah | kattelicious | music video

Equally obsessed with cats and music since childhood, Katrine took on the name Katlah as a contraction between the words “Kat” (Danish for “cat”) and “Lah”- the last syllable of the name Nala(h) which is of course a reference to the female lion, Nala, who becomes the queen in Katlah’s favorite movie Lion King.

Everybody wants a piece of Kattelicious // Everybody wanna taste my infamous flavour,” Katlah sings in “Kattelicious”. We’re indeed guilty of wanting a taste of that flavour – and we know that you are too…


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