Video: Curve Modeling, Representation and Privilege in the Fashion Industry

“I want the industry to change where I don’t have to call myself a plus-size model – I want people just to be like, ‘That’s a model.'” – Bella Neergaard

It’s late morning on a Tuesday, and we’re walking through Copenhagen; in Nørrebro, to be more precise, at the quiet end of the borough, by the lakes. It’s the part of town where Bella Nerrgaard‘s been living until… soon. We’re catching her three days before she’s due to move back to Edinburgh for university – a few hours to sit and talk, in a season full of transition.

We’ll be hanging out in Emma’s apartment (our video queen, and the office sweetheart). Her place is light, open and inviting, and Bella seems instantly relaxed. There’s something about being in a part of town you know by heart that kind of makes you feel like home no matter what couch you’re sitting on, and this is a great place to start.

We’ve got a lot to cover today, because Bella is a girl with important things to say – and we don’t want to miss one word. Topics on the (coffee) table are: body image, the fashion industry, self-love, self-work, curve modeling, representation… and more. It’s all so good, we wanted to leave as much in as possible – which meant splitting it up into two parts, and today we’re premiering the first.

Catch the second part here, and follow along with what Bella’s up to on her Instagram and her YouTube channel.


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