Venus Spejlet, Østrogenial and a Celebration of ‘Down There’

This weekend, we celebrated an increased self-awareness of vulvas AKA pussy, hole, v-jay jay, muff with the release of Venus Spejlet, a vulva mirror, and a live podcast from Østrogenial.

Girls Are Awesome | gynaecology | live podcast

We spent our Saturday at the Girls Are Awesome pop-up space, which started with the launch of Venus Spejlet (The Venus Mirror), a shell-formed mirror created specifically for getting to know your vagina. Around eighty curious souls, men and women, showed up to support Line, the young woman behind the project. After an introduction to her product and the history behind its birth, guests were refreshed with ice-cold Golden Ladies before an hour-long live podcast recording from Doctor and Nurse gynecologist team Sedrah and Anne-Louise from Østrogenial – a Danish podcast which demystifies and breaks taboos around the ingenious female body. The podcast will be released later this week and you can find it right here. For those interested in the Venus Mirror, Line is selling them directly through her Instagram account.

All photos by Sonia Ziegler


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