#VanLife Vlog: Teresa Cullen aka @Femme.Solo is Back on the Road!

Our bestie Teresa is finally on the move again after quarantine, and we’re so excited about her first official #VanLife vlog!

Photo: Teresa Cullen / IG: @femme.solo

Yes, Yes, YES! Epic news, y’all: Girls Are Awesome bestie and all-around badass Teresa Cullen (aka @Femme.Solo) is hitting in the road again after spending the last six months in lockdown… And we love to see it! Here she is, in her own words:


When the fateful March of 2020 came around, I made a split decision to ditch vanlife and return home to Ireland and live with my parents. Going from the life of perpetual freedom I was chasing in the Austrian mountains, to a life of ‘lockdown’ really did feel like the end of a world for a moment. However, it turned out to be the kick up the ass I had needed for months.

After completing every lockdown trend in the book; 5km runs for the NHS, baking banana bread (even though I think bananas are gross), binge watching Netflix and drinking at 10am whilst yelling insults at politicians on the TV, I finally managed to cast my thoughts back to
the dreams I had once had of starting my own vlog. I had been talking about it for years saying that ‘I’ll get round to it soon’, ‘the timing isn’t quite right yet’. All the usual lies we tell ourselves. I finally put my big girl pants on, blocked out the ‘haters’ (mostly the voice of self-doubt in my own head) and got back on the road to start pursuing dreams.

The transition from house living (which I had become very accustomed to after 6 months) back into a tiny space was exciting, stressful, comical and many other things rolled into one… The perfect moments to catch on camera for Episode 1 of my vlog, and I guess you could say ‘Episode 1’ of this brand new chapter in my life!

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Photo: Teresa Cullen / IG: @femme.solo

For those of us who are still pretty stuck because of Covid, whether at home or within our countries because of travel restrictions, seeing Teresa get back out into the world and explore is a major breath of fresh air – even if it’s only a vicarious one for now. And to mark the occasion, she’s dropped her first official vlog, sharing all about the transition back to van life after quarantine, and taking us with her as she pushes back out into the wild. Check it out and remember to give her YouTube channel and Instagram a follow while you do – We know this chick has a ton of adventure ahead of her, and you’ll wanna be the first to know about it!


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