PREMIERE: Uptempo beats and living in the moment with SZIM

“Dårlig Til At Svare” from Danish rapper Szim is yet another testimony that she’s here to stay.

Photo: Elisabeth Eibye
Photo: Elisabeth Eibye

It’s only her second release ever and still, you feel like you’ve known Ida, aka Szim, your whole life. She’s the one who always drops the sickest beats and who lights a fire under every party with an unmistakable ability to make you forget about time, place and whatever headache you might be fighting at the moment.

Following the release of her bass-heavy debut single “Pokus”, Szim has dropped another one for the clubs and the carefree nights out. “Dårlig Til At Svare” – which translates to Bad at responding is a lesson on living life in the moment by not using the phone for anything other than “checking the time on a cracked screen” (from Danish: Tjekker klokken på en skærm som der’ flænger i).

The track might sound like an outtake from Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia at first, but Szim’s bulletproof flow and playful punchlines quickly reveal that she is all about the hip-hop. And rather than inviting some feature along to sing in the chorus, she handles that herself – all while the producer Arto secures the uptempo beat.

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Photo: Elisabeth Eibye

On the new single, Szim tells:

“I feel it shows a different side of me and what kind of music I have to offer. ‘Dårlig Til At Svare’ is a little more club and dance-friendly than ‘Pokus’, but still takes place in the same universe.”

Szim has been into music since the age of six, when she got a guitar for her birthday. However, things didn’t point towards a career in music until she took part in a project initiated by Danish artists Karen Mukuba and Livid (also known for his work with Tessa) called Urban Girls – a project aimed at promoting girls in the up-and-coming hip-hop and pop scenes. Through this project, Szim met Danish rapper and producer Lucy Love; a collaboration that gave us ‘Pokus’.

We’re promised way more music in 2020, which Szim herself hints to be once again showing off new facets of her talent: “I have tracks lying around that I think all show something different. I never limit my sound – if I feel something, I feel it. That’s the gist of who I am.”


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