Unicorns Can Teach you a Thing or Two About Sexuality

They also dive-kick each other in water wrestling matches. See for yourself.

Step in through the two massive unicorn heads that mark the entrance of Camp Unicorn at Roskilde Festival, and you won’t leave without a splash of glitter all over your body. However, when you come out on the other side, you just might leave with a fresh perspective on sexuality.
For the last four years, Camp Unicorn has been part of the camping area at Roskilde Festival called Dream City. With a kilo worth of glitter, drag shows and donations of hair (for ponytails, of course) Camp Unicorn has a mission to break stereotypical views on sexual minorities. Founded by Ask Petersen along with friends and acquaintances from the LGBT Youth Association in Copenhagen, they started the camp because of a need for a common ground to express love, compassion and understanding instead of hate and sexism.
One of this year’s organizers, Agnes, says that Roskilde Festival is far from free of discrimination against different sexualities. Yet once people enter the fairytale campground, it’s her experience that visitors are less judgemental and more inquisitive. To celebrate diversity, they do some things that everybody can agree on enjoying—things like having a massive, aggressive wrestling match. Full of glitter, of course.
Photos by Anders Elmshøj.

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