Turn TF Up to Lucian and PhiloSofie Collab “Do My Thing”

Sink your ears into this tasty little number that delivers ALL the grooves.

NYC-based producer Lucian has teamed up with PhiloSofie to grace us all with the tasty tune that is “Do My Thing”. This song is the culmination of all the angst that we’ve been bottling up for months of cold, only to be released with a collective sigh of sexual tension, rebellious camaraderie and all of the summer party vibes.

Lucian is notorious for collaborating with great, emerging female vocalists to create some of the best and most badass electro-pop anthems out there. This time he capitalizes off of strong upbeat rhythms, grounding piano melodies throughout the verses, that intriguing flute riff, punchy lyrics and most importantly the sweet yet edgy vocals of fellow New York native PhiloSofie.

From listening to the soft and heavily textured quality reminiscent of PhiloSofie’s earlier self-produced work, it is clear that the two merged their respective talents with electronic wizardry to create this cohesive product.

In any case, “Do My Thing” has made all of our sultry summer electronic dreams come true. Let us hope it encourages us all to say “fuck it” a little more often in the coming months.


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