Tune Into Esperanza Spalding’s 77 Hour Live Recording Session

The Grammy-winning jazz artist literally eats, sleeps, and breathes music for more than three days straight.

Grammy-winning bassist and vocalist Esperanza Spalding is taking musicianship to new levels with an innovative project which will morph into her fifth studio album fittingly titled Exposure. Over the course of 77 hours, Esperanza will conceive and execute a full ten track EP with guest appearances from talented artists like Lalah Hathaway, Robert Glasper, and Andrew Bird. The entire musical endeavor is being live streamed, as we speak, through Esperanza’s Facebook feed to a worldwide audience.

As they continue their third straight day of developing each and every track in their LA recording studio, most of the ten songs have been formulated and are nearly completed. Esperanza and her tight knit crew of band members and collaborators have been on a mission since 9am Pacific Daylight Time on September 12th and will keep at their craft until 2pm on September 15th (an hour before midnight Central European Summer Time). To add to the authenticity and uniqueness of this project, Spalding announced through Facebook that once the entire album is recorded and ready, there will only be 7,777 copies distributed, each with additional materials from their creative conception of the album.


The live stream is accompanied by this brief description:
“Over just three days, we’re attempting to concept, write, record, and produce an album of ten songs. Entering the studio with nothing prepared. Testing the theory that creations are at their most powerful the moment they’re released. This feed will run uninterrupted for 77 hours. So if there isn’t much going on while you’re here, chances are it’s nap time. Please check back again later.”

In essence, jazz music is all about improvisation and flowing freely, expounding off of the groove of fellow musicians. This project amplifies the thrill and spontaneity of jazz music in creating something completely new using an experimental method that none of us has ever seen or experienced before. Despite taking only short breaks for sleeping and eating, Esperanza has remained a chipper ray of sunshine and a creative powerhouse. Perhaps some of this drive comes from her sense of responsibility with all eyes on her creative exploits. As she herself predicted before starting the show, “knowing someone is watching and listening to what you’re making seems to conjure up a sort of ‘can’t fail’ energy.”

In the midst of this brave and ambitious three-day journey, Esperanza Spalding is breathing new life into jazz as a genre, and opening the curtains on the process of music making to inspire a younger generation of artists. Thus far, at the 70 hour mark, we have heard a lot of jazzy tidbits congeal into a one-of-a-kind gem full of creativity and passion. Tune in to see how it all shapes up!


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