Billie Eilish slays once again with a sophomore album that will take you on a daredevil roller coaster ride of emotional awesomeness.

Billie Eilish really did it with this one: WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP WHERE DO WE GO is an insanely eclectic yet butter smooth collection of heart-stirring to hair-raising jams. No doubt you’ve heard of this seventeen-year-old phenomenon, who rose to fame fast after her glorious vocals and singular steeze combined in her delicious debut album, dont smile at me, gaining fans and followers by the millions. This latest full album release delivers all of the Billie Eilish angst with a shrewdly balanced sensibility overall.

Once you dive into the album, starting with a fourteen second snippet, “!!!!!!!”, which is basically just her taking out her Invisalign – a moment which allows you to take a step back and remember her age on the real – track after track is fully developed within itself. As a whole, it approaches a wide array of emotions and moods in a way that is vulnerable and authentic but with ballsy swag. The nonchalant nature of her music is mirrored in the jazzy and almost vintage lullaby feeling to some of the arrangements and her gently textured voice within them, while also punctuated by the gut-punch of a kick drum here and there for impact.

Fall deep into this album and feel yourself melt into the mesmerizing melodies and dancing rhythms in between Billie’s beautifully broken vocals and the words that will spill your heart wide open. It’s the dream you don’t want to wake up from, despite the fact that the dissonance of several tracks create a somewhat nightmarish soundscape. Take “bury a friend“, for example, a track which fits into the horror genre with goosebump-inducing lyrics and nail-on-chalkboard sounds which sharply juxtapose Billie’s seamlessly calming voice. While dynamism and contrast are common in her repertoire, the dangerous daredevil vibe is not necessarily pervasive overall; there are comparatively brighter tracks like “all girls go to hell” and “wish you were gay”, as well the soft side of songs like “xanny”, “when the party’s over” and “i love you”.

All in all, get ready for your mind and your soul to be blown away by the monstrous amount of talent and mastery in this soul-baring album. Feel free to jam out excessively to literally all of the tracks, as each one is a standout on its own. Yas!


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