Tuesday’s Tunes: UMI’s ‘Sukidakara’ Will Make You Feel Things

Tune in to the latest release from West Coast artist UMI: a groovy Japenese-language neosoul single about the complicated nature of love.

Tune in to this brand new track from talented as heck West Coast artist, UMI. Continuing her signature ethereal neosoul sound, “Sukidakara” is a perfect tune to ease right into your most #deep, reflective autumnal mood. Put on your coziest socks and sweatpants and effortlessly dream your way into UMI’s special reverie. This particular release follows equally artful singles such as the heartstring-tugging yet breezy tune “Love Affair”, the other-worldly “Sonshine” and Balance, consisting of the upbeat “Ordinary” and smoothly sultry “Down to Earth”. Her entire repertoire thus far feels like an atmospheric ode to the beautiful yet transitory nature of all things.

The sweet Japanese-sung, “Sukidakara”, or /好きだから, meaning “because I like you”, draws upon her Japanese heritage, particularly highlighting the struggles that come with blending identities when you are from a multicultural background. By embracing her uniqueness, she creates an authentic sense of balance, an ebb and flow in her own way and on her own terms. Be sure to catch the awesome multi-dimensional music video, where she explores the touchy-feely feeling of being an outsider and living life in your own skin regardless.

Stay on the lookout for more from this Seattle-based neosoul queen; luckily, her forthcoming EP Love Language, is set for release next year!



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