Tuesday’s Tunes: UMI’s ‘Remember Me’ is an Ode to Old Selves

Get lost in this tender yet ultimately uplifting reverie.

Autumn | best | change

Autumn | best | change

West Coast classic, UMI, is back with another soulful single to make you feel warm this Fall. UMI’s steady, authentic evolution thus far seems to be mirrored in her personal growth; her music deals heavily with themes of self-discovery and lingering love. Furthermore, with just a handful of eerily good independent releases on Spotify and a considerable collection of both polished and unpolished gems on Soundcloud, UMI is a poster child for organic artistic growth.

UMI’s singularly smooth R&B sensibility is on full display with the latest installment, succinctly following a series of releases which outlined an ethereal yet earthy direction for her own tag in the neosoul scene. Although her rich vocal and poignant lyricism is reminiscent of recent neosoul staples like H.E.R. or Sabrina Claudio, her genuine vibe is decidedly her own.

This song in particular dives into the feeling of longing, not necessarily for a person but for her own past self as she grows and changes with the seasons. Her vulnerable approach to this relatable feeling is soul stuff but homegirl seems to know that the journey towards love in life is a journey inward. Yas!

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