Tuesday’s Tunes: The Vibe Is ‘Lonely City’ From Laura Misch

UK singer, songwriter, multiple instrumentalist and producer Laura Misch has dropped an eclectic mini album that will give you goosebumps.

Branching from a solidly jazz sensibility within the neosoul scene, UK artist Laura Misch has moved onward and upward to an experimental “future soul” trajectory with her latest release, Lonely City. The crisp and explorative mini-album is a reflective exercise in self-determination and embracing a feeling of peaceful solitude. Standing strong in a space of her own, having vocalized, written and produced the entire work independently, she perfectly captures her desired effect, to “engulf people in challenging sound-worlds”.

The album declares itself a soulfully separate entity starting with track one: “OoOoOoO”, is a futuristic electronic whirlwind that transports the listener to a sacred universe. Laura Misch’s own rich lyrics echo, “meet me in the middle”, as if she were a siren beckoning from the mist. The brief introduction is followed swiftly by “Blue Dot”, which furthers this dreamy sentiment with layered synths, unexpected soundscapes and crunchy percussion, juxtaposed by a well-shaped vocal performance from Laura Misch herself. The message of the song comes across as abstract while still fully cohesive; it’s a feeling of aloneness which is gracefully transitioned into loneliness in the next track. “Elevator” is a brief two and half minute song conveying a sprawling feeling of alienation, both literally and figuratively, as the sounds seem as though they were coming from a satellite dish in outer space.

Laura Misch’s voice comes back strong in “Night Drive” halfway through the album as promised, providing a solid anchor to the album as a whole. The rest unfolds as though it were written and recorded in one fluid take. Lonely City speaks volumes about humanity in a way that feels somewhat uncomfortably realistic yet “other-worldly”. If you allow it, you may be challenged to encounter your own state of aloneness, innately similar yet separate from what may be perceived as a loud and clambering collective. Feel free to dive into this successful work of art from Laura Misch and stay tuned for more from this London-based homegirl.


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