Tuesday’s Tunes: The Acoustic Version Of RAY BLK’s ‘Paradise’

This heartfelt rendition of Londoner RAY BLK’s already powerful song will give you chills for days.

2000s | Acoustic | london

2000s | Acoustic | london

Feeling some somber soulfulness that you need to let out into your afternoon tea? Take a dive into Londoner RAY BLK‘s latest release: the acoustic version of “Paradise”, a somewhat heavy yet simultaneously uplifting track about the feelings of love and loss. You can feel her emotions coming through even more strongly in this stripped-down version and it hurts so damn good.

Here’s the original, and the accompanying music video that really ties together the early 2000’s R&B vibe of the song she’s rocking with an entirely black and white film.

Let that sink in before you grab a listen to the acoustic version below and let it all out. Confront all those uncomfortable feelings of lack or loss and let it into your reality before you release all of that shit and start reaching for your own paradise. On a related note, this song is a very big Pisces mood, if you’re into that sort of thing. Merry Pisces season!

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