Tuesday’s Tunes: ‘Sweet Blue’ From Cleo Sol Is A Groove

The latest single from London-based singer and songwriter, Cleo Sol, is like a refreshing dip in crystal clear waters.

London-based singer and songwriter, Cleo Sol, is back with a sultry single that will soothe your soul with every note. “Sweet Blue” is every bit as rich as it sounds; the atmosphere of the track feels light and refreshing like a dip in crystal-clear waters, yet luxurious and sexy like that feeling of sun-dried sea salt on warm skin. You hardly need to take a vacation at all – just listen to this song and let yourself be instantly transported to a beach somewhere without a care in the world.

The icing on the cake, between raw piano vibes, tasty rhythms and richly melodic chords is Cleo’s stunning vocal, which encapsulates her signature charm. Hearing is believing!


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